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The Grand Adventure of a kid called Timmy!


Type in "Help!" during the game to learn the list of commands.


Programmer : Desmond Pang

Designer : Baxter Rhodneyson


This is a prototype made by a student team and is not a finalized product.

Game cannot run on Google Chrome due to Unity Web Player not being supported. Please use Firefox, Internet Explorer, or other browsers instead.

If you wish to run it on your computer, you can download the Windows Build from the following link : https://goo.gl/tHaHtW

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Published1 year ago


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Hi friends I wanted to play but the screen size is too big for my laptop & the download link isn't a .zip, but rather 30 folders I have to download in order to play the .exe. <3

Hey Jenni! Sorry regarding the downloading, I completely failed to realize that I could just zip it! Whoops :P

Thanks for that, will upload a zipped version soon!

However, regarding the screen size, sorry about it, we intended the game to be ran at a 1280x720 resolution, so I don't think we can help that.

Thanks for your feedback!

- Desmond

No prob - I'll check back next week about that .zip and/or try playing it on the widescreen next chance :-)

Alright! Thanks again for the feedback!