A downloadable game

The Grand Adventure of a kid called Timmy!


Type in "Help!" during the game to learn the list of commands.


Programmer : Desmond Pang

Designer : Baxter Rhodneyson


This is a prototype made by a student team and is not a finalized product.

If you wish to run it on your computer, you can download the Windows Build down below or using the following link : https://goo.gl/tHaHtW

Install instructions

1. Download the .zip file and extract it.

2. Run the .exe

3. Enjoy!


Timmy's Adventure.zip 22 MB


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Hi friends I wanted to play but the screen size is too big for my laptop & the download link isn't a .zip, but rather 30 folders I have to download in order to play the .exe. <3

Hey Jenni! Sorry regarding the downloading, I completely failed to realize that I could just zip it! Whoops :P

Thanks for that, will upload a zipped version soon!

However, regarding the screen size, sorry about it, we intended the game to be ran at a 1280x720 resolution, so I don't think we can help that.

Thanks for your feedback!

- Desmond

No prob - I'll check back next week about that .zip and/or try playing it on the widescreen next chance :-)

Alright! Thanks again for the feedback!